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When it comes to describing Champions Martial Arts and our standards, hear it from our members!

Testimonials: Testimonial

I am so glad I found this place. My son was going to the one in San Mateo, and after a couple classes, I experienced his resistance on going there. I ended up on paying the monthly for several more months and not going there at all.

My daughter's friend' mom recommended this place, and said her son loves it. I decided to give a try. Boy, what a game changer. My son LOVES the class and teachers. I enrolled my daughter too, and she too loves it. They always can't wait to attend their taekwondo classes!

Thank you for such fun experience for kids!

— Joy R. | San Carlos, CA

Champions Martial Arts and Master Keum are the absolute best!!!! We have been part of other taekwondo locations, and none come close. Master Keum knows how to connect with kids of all ages, make them laugh and have fun, and yet teach them amazing skills. They enjoy learning. They get exercise and learn wonderful things including respect and discipline, physical skills, and all while having fun! Master Keum also just taught taekwondo at my son's 6th birthday party with his team, and it was the best party we have ever had for him, the kids were having a blast!
My 6 year old son is high energy and loves sports, and my 7 year old daughter is not very athletic and avoids physical activities - yet both of them do Taekwondo at Champions and love it. I can't recommend this place enough!!! I wish I could give more than 5 stars!!

— Lily H. | Redwood City, CA

I've been going here with my son for almost a year. We have really enjoyed it, great exercise and fun environment. Learning a lot about taekwondo and the black belt leaders are great teachers. Positive environment focused on self development and self esteem. Mr. Keum and his co instructors put a lot of thought and enthusiasm into every class. Mr. Keum is very patient with every student, has high standards, and is kind.

— Jon B. | Foster City, CA

I highly recommend this Taekwondo place. My 5 year son has learned from Master Keum for 6 months now and he loves the class and Master Keum!
My son can be pretty shy when he starts new activities. It took him 3 weeks to fully participate in the class. Master Keum was very patient with him. He knew how to make my son get involved and feel interested without being overwhelming.
He knows how to make Taekwondo fun. He makes kids laugh and get a good workout/training at the same time.

— Jean C. | San Mateo, CA

Master Kuem is patient and amazing with the kids, we are happy to have found Champions during the pandemic and look forward to all the new skills my children will learn.

— Litton C. | Burlingame, CA

My sons (6 and 8 years old) love Master Keum and Champions Martial Arts!! Master Keum really connects and has fun with all the kids in class, but also great about discipline and teaching good behavior/respect/life lessons. My oldest has mild ASD and really responded to Master Keum, who is adept at being gentle/patient but firm with him when needed, and my son is thriving and participating enthusiastically. All the staff are very nice and great teachers too. Highly recommend Champions!

— Elaine T. | San Bruno, CA

My son and daughter have been attending Champions for almost a year and they absolutely love coming. Master Keum and his team do an excellent job balancing fun and focus, goofiness and seriousness and most importantly,  have taught my children respect and discipline. I highly recommend Champions and cannot stress enough how impressed I have been with them!!

— Stefanie C. | Foster City, CA

Our experience with Champion Martial Arts has been nothing short of exceptional. We enrolled our 5-year-old daughter into their Taekwondo program, and she has fallen head over heels for it. The spark in her eyes every time she dons her dobok (uniform) and eagerly anticipates her class is pure joy for us as parents to witness.

The instructors at Champion Martial Arts are genuinely remarkable. They have the uncanny ability to perfectly balance discipline and enjoyment in their teaching, a trait that is rare and treasured in the realm of martial arts. We can see that they truly love what they are doing - their passion is palpable and contagious, drawing the kids into the magical world of Taekwondo with grace, patience, and a positive spirit.

The classes are brimming with energy, learning, and lots of fun. Every session is meticulously designed to engage the children while instilling in them the core principles of Taekwondo. Our daughter comes out of each class beaming with excitement, always eager to show us her new moves and techniques. As a parent, I can't help but wear a smile on my face during the entire class, thoroughly delighted by the nurturing environment they provide.

But Champion Martial Arts isn't just about teaching kids how to kick and punch. They go beyond that, focusing on character development and life skills such as respect, confidence, discipline, and perseverance. These are lessons that our daughter will carry with her, long after she has left the dojang.

Our journey with Champion Martial Arts has only just begun, but we have been impressed at every turn. It's evident that the dojo is more than just a martial arts school; it's a close-knit community fostering a love for Taekwondo and building tomorrow's champions.

Highly recommend to any parent looking to introduce their child to martial arts. This is a place where their passion can flourish, their confidence can grow, and they can truly become champions in their own right.

— Damien M. | Redwood City, CA

Awesome classes and instructors, we also loved the birthday party and camp

— Liana C. | San Mateo, CA

My 7 year old has been taking Taekwondo lessons from Master Keum and his assistant instructors. My little one has really thrived and enjoyed all the interactions with the supportive staff at Champions Martial Arts. The staff are friendly and gentle in their tone. 

They are not strict with martial arts and don't discipline when a student is distracted or not fully engaged. As a parent, I prefer a martial arts environment that is more nurturing and fun over the rigid mandates other martial art forms demand.

— Ray L. | Redwood City, CA

We love Champions! The instructors are all very experienced and kind. My boys love Taekwondo classes and they look forward to coming here. Instructors balance fun and discipline for the kids and they are very attentive. We have been with Champions for over a year and couldn’t recommend it enough. If you are looking for a fun way to engage your kids in martial arts, this is the place!

— Rafif Ismail | Foster City, CA

Master Keum is awesome with kids! He is fun, patient and sincere! Our girls love him!

— Felicia U. | San Carlos, CA

Master Keum, Mrs Keum, Mrs K, one other instructors I have met are really engaging for my two boys 4 and 7. It has been great having them restart taekwondo this spring after a hiatus forced by the pandemic. If you want a good place for martial art, I recommend you to try this place out! I have friends from foster city, San Mateo, San Carlos coming in for this place.

— Tom H. | Foster City, CA

Are you looking for something fun for your kid? Do you want them to be motivated, learn discipline and learn about the Korean culture/language?  Champions is the place for you!  I enrolled my son to this taekwondo studio and I am so happy that I did.  Master Keum and his teachers are so great with kids and my son is just so delighted by them.  He has indoor and outdoor lessons and has a lot of different times.  I even am taking the class with my son on some days and it has been such good workouts and bonding with him.  Go try it out!

— Amy C. | Belmont, CA

I wanted to find a Tae Kwon Do studio for my daughter that emphasized discipline and respect. Master Keum is a great Tae Kwon Do instructor who is friendly and works well with the students. My daughter started when she was 4 and I can already see how much she loves Tae Kwon Do. Class scheduling is flexible, which is a plus for working parents. I highly recommend Champions martial arts.

— Lindsey S. | Foster City, CA

Great programs for the kids.

— Susan Chen | San Mateo, CA

Top notch martial arts studio! Master Keun is wonderful with children, as are his assistants. You can also watch safely from outside while your kids practice. They are all very mindful of comments made by parents and are always willing to help! 5 stars!

— Allan R. | Foster City, CA

Master Keum is the best master. He is such a fun, friendly and caring person. All the kids adore him. He makes his classes so fun so kids can’t wait to go back 😄
I feel so lucky to meet him for my two kids to learn best taekwondo from a champion. His studio is so clean, bright and spacious. We love it!!!

— Yeliz T. | San Mateo, CA

Excellent place to learn taekwondo - Master Keum is the best!

— Amy K. | San Carlos, CA

All of the teachers are great at Champions. Master Keum is amazing. He is the reason my son became interested in Taekwondo, and two and a half years later, my son still loves it. Master Keum teaches the kids to be respectful while also being playful and fun. The kids all love him and they learn a lot from him and the other teachers.

— Julie W. | Belmont, CA

My son have been attending Champions since beginning of this year and he loves it. Master Keum engaged with the kids well and he keeps the classes interesting. We will be attending their summer camp as well!

— Amber L. | Foster City, CA

I love this place! The two teachers here are so wonderful with the kids. I couldn't have found a better Tae kwon do class for my five year old daughter. She loves being in class. She learns so much while having fun.

— Hilary L. | San Mateo, CA

Champions TKD is literally the best. They’re very supportive and they balance fun and discipline so the kids learn in a joyful environment.

— Jesse Raskin | Belmont, CA

Master Keum is a natural with the kids. Within 5 minutes of working with him, my two boys, ages 6 and 8, were laughing while learning to show respect and control their bodies. It's the perfect class for kids to release a ton of energy, learn discipline, learn taekwondo and have fun! Highly recommend supporting this small business.

— Angie W. | San Mateo, CA

Master Keum is wonderful with kids! He is always very energetic, cheerful always makes sure  he talks to each and every student.

— Annabella D. | Belmont, CA

My kid started learning Taekwondo 4 years ago. We met different teachers during the years. In all the teachers, both my kid and I agree Master Keum is the best teacher and my kid is determined to keep learning towards his black belt.

Master Keum has a passion for teaching kids Taekwondo, he makes the class fun while the kids learn taekwondo, weapon and more. One more highlight, he's now teaching all the moves in Korean!

During this difficult time under shelter in place order, I am amazed how well Master Keum takes care of his students. Since last week, my kid have been attending the online class almost everyday except Saturday. There's instruction of Poomsae, weapon, and the fundamental moves. I am so grateful that we don't have to miss any class and instruction! Thank you Master Keum and your team for setting this up so quickly!

We recommend Master Keum wholeheartedly.

— Tracy Y. | San Mateo, CA

This is the good place to learn teakwondo.Master Keum is the best teacher I've ever met.We know him over 2 years, he is a hard worker and friendly to students!If you want to learn teakwondo, you should visit here!

— Yumiri M. | San Carlos, CA

We absolutely love Champions! Master Keum is an amazing teacher and practioner of taekwondo. My son has been practicing taekwondo for over two years and he has seen multiple teachers, but no one nearly as good as Master Keum.

Champions challenges my son both physically and mentally, all while being in a family friendly environment for kids and adults. Most importantly, Master Keum artfully balances his didactics with humor to inspire confidence and respect into all of his students.

The new location is wonderful with an open layout and beautiful large windows that provide natural lighting throughout.

My son and I strongly recommend Champions and Master Keum!

— Ross O. | San Mateo, CA

Master Keum is a great teacher! He is professional, fun and great with kids!

— Jennifer T. | Belmont, CA

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